Rushville Republican

March 4, 2014

Hot or cold: Enjoy the moments

A lesson from Jim Trout

By Jean Mauzy
Rushville Republican

---- — Brutal cold weather temperatures as have fallen upon us this winter may evoke feelings of anything but being enjoyable. Stepping out into the sub-zero chilly air will likely make us cringe rather than smile. After a while, we get to thinking how much we dislike winters in Indiana and those thoughts of dread drag us down. It’s stressful.

Recently, I have shared similar sentiments with others on how it seems we must surely do harm to our lives when, year after year, we endure so many cold and dreary days. What does it do to our overall quality of life when so much of our time is spent in negative anticipation of yet another major snowfall, icy roads, or sub-zero air temperatures? Other than a few fun things such as building snowmen or sledding, what is so great about weather that chafes our skin and makes us bundle up in layer upon layer of constricting clothing? The approach can make all the difference and one local man brings it into perspective for me.

Jim Trout is a local resident that many readers would know from his years as a police officer, most notably as chief of police for the city police department. He’s the kind of person who views life in a most optimistic way and for those leaning in that direction (of optimism); his ideas can be quite contagious. Simply stated, he enjoys the moments of his life.

Whenever I happen to run into Jim, whether it’s cold, rainy, or warm outside, he always has the same feel-good vibes in his speech and overall demeanor. He looks at life in the best way, kind of like a kid at heart. With his permission, I share a portion of his philosophy.

Living life to the fullest is to enjoy every moment.

Enjoying every moment is to really live and be in that moment and make the best of what you find there. Looking back over the days and years gone by, thinking they were the best of times but wishing you had enjoyed them more is sad. The day to live in is now for you cannot go back to yesterday and tomorrow will not be guaranteed.

Although Jim may state it in several different ways, he eloquently reveals his motto for living. “Do what makes you happy. You can do whatever you want as long as you cause no physical or mental harm to others and are not bothering anyone or not breaking the law. Live it up. Be youthful. Enjoy what you’re doing in the moment!”

Well, I do agree with Jim’s philosophy and for the most part try to live that way but I will admit, for me it’s much easier to accomplish in the warmer months. I try yearlong to remain optimistic throughout the day but the brutality of this particular winter did get to me. Still I try. In fact, last week while walking through a parking lot with my daughter I caught myself complaining about the cold wind and my chapped hands but then quickly turned my thinking around. I told my daughter that my thinking was not good for my health and so I smiled and embellished my comments on how nice and fresh the cold air smelled. It was worth a good chuckle any way. Laughter equals enjoyment and so I made the best of that moment.

Life is short. Enjoy your journey.