Rushville Republican

February 18, 2014

How are the resolutions working out for you?

By Kate Thurston
Rushville Republican

---- — Here is it the middle of February. Not long ago many of people, including myself, made a New Year’s Resolution. How is that working out for you?

Each year most of us make a resolution that we say we will make happen year after year. The years come and go each one quicker than the last. How many of us have followed through just once and completed a resolution?

Some people want to lose weight, exercise and eat healthier. Some want to save money and go on an extravagant get away. My resolution this year was to think more about others and less about myself. To some this may be difficult and others they are completely unselfish and practice this daily. Charles Dickens said “No one is useless who lightens the burdens of another.”

I want to practice being more selfless. So far this year, I have been doing well in my opinion.

Whether it is letting someone know I have been thinking of them when they have been down and out and giving them a few words of encouragement or buying a couples dinner in which I didn’t know them from Adam. The smallest acts of kindness really can make a difference to someone whether we believe it or not. There have been times I know if I have been having troubles when someone encourages me or lets me know they are there that sometimes makes the biggest difference. Just knowing someone puts themselves on the back burner for even a moment to help someone else out to me is incredible. There are so many people who worry about themselves and think they have it so bad. They think that the world revolves around them. It doesn’t. It’s time to think about others and not so much yourself. Life is too short to think about yourself all the time. Put someone else’s feelings or needs above your own and most importantly be humble about it. Life is not a bragging game.

So I will ask again, how is the resolution you chose working out for you? Have you completely tossed it to the side and gave up? Sit back for a moment and look at what you have done so far this year. If you have given up already, shame on you. It’s way too early in the game to toss the towel in. Start over again. It’s never too late to do something good. Whether you chose to do something for yourself or others, follow through. Remember, every new day is another chance to change your life.

Peggy Horton once said, “Each New Year, we have before us a brand new book containing 365 blank pages. Let us fill them with all the forgotten things from last year—the words we forgot to say, the love we forgot to show, and the charity we forgot to offer.”