Rushville Republican

July 30, 2012

RushShelby Energy Partners with Rushville Public Library

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The Rushville Public Library and RushShelby Energy have teamed up to provide a new source of energy savings information. Consumers can now find out how much it costs to run a home appliance and which appliances are using energy even when they're switched off. This partnership makes a "Kill A Watt" home energy meter available for home use. Through special arrangement, the Rushville Public Library will allow all Rush County residents to use these meters, without already having a library card.

Library patrons can borrow a Kill A Watt device, just like a book or DVD.

Plug it into an electrical outlet and find out how much it's costing to run refrigerators, computers, TVs

and other home appliances. The Kill A Watt meter measures the electric consumption of small to medium household electronic devices and appliances, and can even help discover which appliances use electricity even when turned off. The meter also calculates cost and forecasts cost by the week, month and year.

"Two of our cooperative principles are concern for community and education," stated Terry Jobe, president

and CEO of RushShelby Energy. "We are pleased to partner with local libraries to help create better informed

electric consumers," he concluded.

Cathy Rhoades, Member Services Representative at RushShelby Energy, is coordinating the program with

local libraries. "We are joining a program already in place in other communities to offer these meters to our

members to all them to be better informed on the electricity they use and how they can make changes and save money," she said.

Organizers thanked the Rushville Public Library for being the first partner in this program. Kill A Watt meters will be made available to other libraries in the coming months. Check RushShelby Energy's website at for full details.