Rushville Republican

July 19, 2013


Rushville Republican


DIVISION 1 – Arrangements

Champion & Reserve Champion – Connie Freese

Triskaidekaphobia – Lou Sstarkey, blue.

Civil War Sesquicentennial – Connie Freese, blue.

Celebrating the 50th Governor – Connie Freese, blue; Lou Starkey, red.

Blizzard of 2013 – Connie Freese, blue; Lou Starkey, red.

Lion Statues – Connie Freese, blue.

Ison Comet – Connie Freese, blue; Lou Starkey, red.

Drought and Flood – Connie Freese, blue.

Microscopic Electronics – Connie Freese, blue; Jane Hallgarth, red.

Go Green – Connie Freese, blue; Jane Hallgarth, red.

Get Yourself to Church – Connie Freese, blue.

DIVISION 2 – Rush County Rose Show

Champion – Lisa Winship; Reserve Champion – Jane Hallgarth

Hybrid Tea, one bloom – Lisa Winship, blue

Hybrid Tea, three blooms – Lisa Winship, blue.

Hybrid Tea, floating, exhibition bloom – Heidi Pezdek, blue; Lisa Winship, red; Carl Evans, white.

Hybrid Tea, floating, full bloom – Lisa Winship, blue.

Grandiflora, one bloom or spray – Lisa Winship, blue.

Climber or Pillar – Lisa Winship, blue; Linda Clarkson, red.

Miniature Rose, one spray – Jane Hallgarth, blue; Lisa Winship, red; Linda Clarkson, white

English/David Austin Rose – Lisa Winship, blue; Linda Clarkson, red; Jane Hallgarth, white.

Any Other Rose, one bloom – Linda Clarkson, blue.

DIVISION III –– Horticultural Specimen –

Champion – Heidi Pezdek; Reserve Champion – Linda Clarkson

Section A – Bulbs, Corms, Tubers

Dahlia, one medium – Heidi Pezdek, blue.

Tuberous Begonia – Linda Clarkson, blue; Lisa Winship, red.

Any other bulb, corm or tuber – Linda Starkey, blue; Lou Starkey, blue.

Section B – Annuals, Perennials, and Biennials

Snapdragon – Heidi Pezdek, blue.

Single Petunia, one bloom – Linda Clarkson, blue; Angie Kuhn, red;

Single Petunia, one spray – Linda Clarkson, blue.

Double Petunia, one bloom – Angie Kuhn, blue.

Double Petunia, one spray – Angie Kuhn, blue; Lisa Winship, red.

Impatience – Angie Kuhn, blue.

Herb, three specimen – Jane Hallgarth, blue.

Hollyhock – Beth Bockover, blue; Penny Bockover, red.

Any other perennial not listed above – Angie Kuhn, white; Linda Clarkson, red; Jenna Lower, blue; Angie Kuhn, red; Jane Hallgarth, blue.

Any other annual not listed above – Heidi Pezdek, blue.

Section C – Young Gardeners

Children under 12 – Gigi Wesling, blue; Jenna Lawler, blue.

Children 12 to 18 – Maddie Kuhn, blue.

DIVISION IV – Rush County Lily Show

Champion – Connie Freese; Reserve Champion – Linda Clarkson

Orange Lily – Linda Clarkson, blue; Connie Freese, red.

Other Lily – Linda Clarkson, blue.

Oriental & Asian Lily-Red – Connie Freese, blue.

Oriental & Asian Lily-Yellow – Linda Clarkson, blue.

Oriental & Asian Lily-Orange – Linda Clarkson, blue.

Oriental & Asian Lily-Any other color – Linda Clarkson, blue.

Day Lily-Red – Linda Clarkson, blue.

Day Lily-Orange – Lou Starkey, blue; Linda Clarkson, red.

Day Lily-Any other color – Rachel Miller, blue; Lou Starkey, red.

Day Lily-Miniature-Yellow – Angie Kuhn, blue; Lisa Winship, red.

Day Lily-Miniature-Any Other Color – Rachel Miller, blue.

Tiger Lily – Linda Clarkson, blue.

DIVISION V – House Plants

Champion & Reserve Champion – Linda Clarkson

Dish Garden-Foliage Plant – Linda Clarkson, blue.

Dish Garden-Cacti – Linda Clarkson, blue.