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February 12, 2013

Rushville Achievers 4-H Club

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The Rushville Achievers 4-H Club met Jan. 17 with 16 members and several guests present. Elections were held and the following officers were elected:

President—Keaton Mueller

Vice President—Lauryn Payne

Secretary—Dylan Marlatt

News Reporter—Elizabeth Field

Health and Safety—Christian Gosser

Recreation Leaders—Anna Lehman and Connor Ratekin

Vice President Payne conducted the meeting. Membership completion pins were presented.

Those who completed in 2012 were:

First Year

Cole Dixon

Arie English

Abigail Herbert

Brock Herbert

Addyson Lanane

Josie Wagner

Second Year

Abygale Keith

Olivia Mohler

Third Year

Spencer Boles

Brayton Buckley

Brad Davis

Anna Lehman

Carter Payne

Fourth Year

Vanessa Field

Fifth Year

Katie Egielske

Emily Herbert

Zinnia Leon

Madison Owen

Sixth Year

Shelbie Brown

Spencer Brown

Shannon Davis

Elizabeth Field

Christian Gosser

Seventh Year

Dylan Marlatt

Logan Marlatt

Keaton Mueller

Lauryn Payne

Eighth Year

Gabi Goffin

Bree Huskins

Gretchen Williams

Ninth Year

Brittany Harcourt

Tenth Year

Hannah Bates

Anne Coffin

Leah Connolly

New members were recognized. Those present were Florian Boyer, Franziska Boyer, Skye Clifton, Kelly Lee, Chandler Pendergraft, John Pickett, Makayla Queen, Abby Ratekin, Connor Ratekin and Diamond Simmons. Members signed up for demonstrations and refreshments for future meetings. The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 21. The meeting adjourned for pizza and cookies.

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