Rushville Republican

April 11, 2013

Meats Judging success

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — About five years ago, the idea of a Meats Judging team was brought up to Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey pondered this thought for a while, and then decided, “Why not!” Although Mr. Harvey himself was not the ideal Meats Judger, he was determined to take a Meats Judging team to state. Four years later not only did he take a team to state, he was going to take a team to Denver, Colo., to the National Meats Judging Contest

That team consisted of Audrey Neuman, Anne Riggs, Caroline Kuhn, and Levi Yager. They worked for months to prepare themselves for the state contest. They were all nervous as they waited to hear their names announced at the awards ceremony. They finally heard their names announced as the second place team. They qualified for Nationals and all their hard work had paid off.

Now that they had qualified for nationals, it was time to start thinking about their trip to Denver. Most Rushville FFA teams that qualify for a national contest take a bus, but this was not an option for them. This meant that they were going to have to pay for airline tickets, and we all know how expensive that can be. It was time for some fundraising. They started with the Rushville FFA dunk tank at the county fair. Half of the proceeds benefited their trip.

However, generous donations were what really made this trip possible. The Rushville FFA Meats Judging team would like to thank: Morgan Farms, Midwest Ag. Finance, JD and Bec Wicker, Ag Production Enterprises, and Gettinger Family Custom Meats for their monetary contributions to this once in a lifetime experience for these four individuals. The Rushville FFA would like to thank Gettinger Family Custom Meats for also allowing the Meats Judging team to visit their place of business to gain hands on experience. By allowing us to visit, Gettinger Family Custom Meats provided Rushville with an advantage not given to every team in the State of Indiana.

Neuman, Riggs, Kuhn, and Yager took this advantage to Denver in January. But before they participated in the contest, they took advantage of their opportunities and did some sightseeing. They attended the National Western Stock Show opening parade where they witnessed longhorns walking the streets of downtown Denver. They also took part in a Meats Judging practice at the University of Wyoming’s meat lab. After having fun at the contest, they returned to Rushville with a seventh place finish.

Just a few weeks after this team arrived back in Rushville it was time for the Meats Judging team to make another trip to Purdue University to take part in the state Meats Judging contest. Once again, Rushville was very successful! Caroline Kuhn was the first place individual, Becca Riggs was the second place individual and Cody Dawson was the fifth place individual. Rushville also took home the first and fourth place team wins. The first place team consisting of Caroline Kuhn, Becca Riggs, Tyler Dawson, and Mason Gordon will be participating in the National Meats Judging Contest in Louisville, Kentucky, at National Convention in October. Congratulations to all the Rushville FFA Meats Judgers!

– Rushville Republian