Rushville Republican

February 14, 2014

The FFA school farm

By Dalton Miller
Rushville Republican

---- — The 20-acre school farm helps the FFA out not only in hands-on experiences, but also with finances. We are lucky enough to get the seed, fertilizer, and chemicals donated by various agriculturalists in the community. That way the FFA Chapter gets to keep all of the profits. We use the profits to help pay for the numerous activities the chapter participates in.

The school farm also helps to teach us about farming. In the fall, we brought in different plows and showed how they till the ground differently. We did test plots to view which seed would be the best to use on the farm ground.

The school farm helps to teach us what all goes into farming; it teaches us the responsibilities of a farmer. A great thing about the school farm is how everyone gets involved and volunteers to help. Members from the community and the chapter work together to plant and harvest the school farm. Since one does not have to be a farmer to be in the FFA, those people that don’t know many things about farms can learn what is like to run a farm. Every year there is a new person to take care of the school farm. Anyone can be assigned a task to do like be in charge of planting the field, plowing the field, and harvesting the field.

When we harvest the field we combine each test plot individually. Then we weigh the grain you get off of each test plot. We do that to determine how many bushels to the acre you’re getting off of the different varieties of seed. It helps to show us what seed grows the best on the soil type we have on the farm. When we figure out what variety grows the best we can use that knowledge to help maximize our yield the next year which also helps to maximize our profit.

Through my work on the school farm, I have learned a lot from it. I have learned the time and effort that has to go into it; I now know the cost that goes into it and what you get back from it. Taking care of the farm has helped to teach me responsibility and how to manage my time efficiently. I am glad I get be a part of the school farm and the Rushville FFA Chapter.