Rushville Republican

February 14, 2014

Memories that last a lifetime

By Cody Dawson
Rushville Republican

---- — Every time I come back from an FFA trip I am always asked, “How was the trip?” The answer is always: “Memorable.” The trips I go on with my fellow FFA members are always the highlight of that month. I have the most fun with my friends when we go somewhere.

My favorite memories that happen in the Rushville FFA are when we go on livestock judging trips. The livestock judging team gets along as well as any group can. We think alike, we act alike, we are alike. We function like a well-oiled machine every time we go to a contest. When we come out of the contest we are not always the highest of spirits but the ride home makes up for everything.

The most famous story for the livestock team is the lifesaver incident. This was four years ago, my eighth grade year, when Mason Gordon took a little nap on the mini bus. Mason woke up, and he was not prepared for what he was about to endure. Mason sat up from his nap, he rubbed his left cheek and the whole bus started snickering. Mason rubbed his right cheek and oh man was he mad. Mason had been sleeping fairly heavy and Alexis Carmony had decided that she wanted to play a trick for everyone’s enjoyment, well everyone’s but Mason’s that is.

A preface to this story is that Mason has to have lifesavers for every contest. These little circle candies help him get through contests. So as a joke Alexis licked the lifesaver and put it on Mason’s face. Everyone figured that he would wake up but fortunate for us he did not. Mason was asleep for 20 more minutes before he awoke. So this wet piece of candy had time to dry, which means that it stuck. When Mason sat up the lifesaver stayed stuck to his cheek. He rubbed his right cheek and there he found something that was not there before he went to sleep. His facial expression was priceless. He grabbed the candy and slowly pulled it off his face. Because it had twenty minutes to dry on his face, the lifesaver was stuck very well. Mason’s cheek came away from his face as far as it could go. Finally the candy broke loose and his face was as red as the lifesaver.

Needless to say this has to be my favorite FFA memory. Not only are the people on the livestock team my team members, they are my friends. These trips we take bring us closer as a team and as friends. These truly are memories that will last a lifetime.